Friday, August 29, 2008

Snippets / Bits and Pieces

Lots of activities going around this week. Mei Ling left for Sabah last Tuesday and scheduled to be back on Friday (tonight) =) Whilst mum has left for Melbourne for holiday on Wednesday and dad to Medan for golf on Thursday. Sis will be busy the whole Saturday.

What about me you might ask? Well, I’m the kuli for the week! I’m gonna do most of their stuff – sending mum’s car to workshop, dad’s office attires for dry cleaning and … That’s it?? Lol. Anyways, looking forward to meet Mei Ling once she’s back =)

Probably I should visit cousin sis as she just gave birth to a baby girl, my latest niece =) Cousin sis-in-law is expecting one too, in 1-2 months time!! Muahahaha~

On the other note, my company will officially shift to the new premise on September 10th. Kinda look forward to it, though. Saw the floor plan of the new office, my desk is located near to the window (if that’s a window), which I’ll be happy cos I won’t be seeing walls every day, like the current office (sheessshhh). Will be busy packing these few days.

Oh yea. The project team was in Cyberjaya office last week (18th till 21st August) for MSC ISO Audit. As I thought it is a hassle to me, it turned out to be a great experience and I enjoyed my time there! The ambiance is nice and peaceful. And the office settings were nicely done, with couch and lounge for staff to chill and set off discussions – work + leisure, that’s what I call =) Sadly, I did not to snap any photos – I was busy working there, OK! Who said we were on vacation?? ;p We certainly made ourselves at home =D

The photo of Cyberjaya office is courtesy of Carol

p/s: Avril is performing tonight. I fully support her concert. Screw those who opposed.

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Blog Shifting

I've decided to move to a proper blogging site. Not gonna use Friendster's blog from now on =)

I'm new here. So, I would need some time to adapt to the culture in Blogspot ;)