Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taylor Swift Rapping!! :D

Official Music Video

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lately #2

OK. This is another back dated photo post of Cameron that I "promised" to upload few weeks back? Remember? LOL.
At the apartment's balcony
At Tanah Rata
Some tea plantation (too many of them!)
@ Ye Olde Smoke House
Steamboat dinner
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh from the farm strawberries
Our very own fondue! :D
Half boiled eggs for breakfast the next morning
Paparazzi just couldn't leave me alone
Not-so nice curry noodles and wantan mee
Strawberry Park @ Strawberry Park Resort
Some rose research firm @ Tanah Rata
Fondue again. Too good to be true ;)
Starbucks Coffee @ Tanah Rata
Celebrating mum's 50th Birthday :)
Brunch in Bidor
Then, I was in Penang for cousin's house warming (prior to his wedding) after celebrating mum's birthday in Cameron Highlands a fortnight ago.

We reached Ipoh about 8 0r 9 in the morning for breakfast. Wonder why we were so early? Cos dad has a golf game with his friends in Bertam at 1pm.

This particular restaurant is known for it's curry noodles, which I think it's so-so only.
The food ;)
In the night, we headed to the island for some seafood treat. It's like my second time in as many visits to the island, I suppose. Lost count!
The, dad was studying hard on his golf score card =.=
Here comes the food~ XD
Bitter goud
Steam fish
Stir fried mee sua
Baked flower crab with egg white
Kam heong mantis prawn
As I headed to the loo, I saw this!
Let's kill the fishes! Oh look... It swam away. Wonder WHY? ;p
And oh... Here's the newly wed ;)
I will later post up cousin bro's wedding photos after I received them :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The End of 2008-09 Season

So, I got my prediction wrong and I think this competition is too over rated (whatever I said is definitely contradicting to my earlier post, kekeke).

ManUtd got battered from left to right by the mighty Catalan giants, lead by Eto'o and Messi.

This was how it went:
ManUtd XI
Barcelona XI
First blood
The killer blow
Runners Up
That summed up ManUtd's season finale. They should be proud of themselves, in away that they managed to get further than any other clubs twice in a row and as a defending champion, before the lost. Actually, Valencia did went all the way to the finals twice back-t0-back but they were never the champion.

Hats off to Barcelona. Fantastic performance ;)