Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Short Trip

It was the time (end of the year) when I decided to cash in a complimentary 1-night stay in First World Genting Highlands (thanks Uncle Lim!). So far, this is the 3rd time I've been offered such complimentary but only my first time taking it :)

Anyways, my main reason is to check out on my tortoises, that I've released about 1.5 months ago. Obviously they won't come running to me like other pets do. Back then, they will scratch the container (that I put them in) whenever I'm nearby.

So, I have a mission on that day - To recognize my pair!! :D
Struggling ;p
A little treats for them
Dig in
Whatcha lookin' at??
Out of sudden, this (the one and only fair-shelled tortoise) swam by...
Yup, I can confirm that this is mine! :D
Be sure to watch out for him whenever you're there ;)
While I was looking out for the other one...
Not sure if this is the other one...
I guess it should be laaa :)
Moving on, we walked around the temple to pray and took a shot or two...
This is a random take (multiple shots)
That's all the photos that I have on that day. And photo-taking is prohibited in the casino :)

To sum up my luck in casino, we were down quite badly. Thought of stopping just there but the urge to try another game was too strong, LOL. Don't get me wrong, we're NOT hardcore gamblers.

In the end, we managed to gain back the losses. Well, practically... :) It's just for the fun of it and I'm not planning to go in there again any time sooner.
Friday, November 13, 2009

9 Emperor Gods Festival

This is like a freaking long-delayed post! =.=

Anyways, 25/10/2009 was the main prayers during the 9 Emperor Gods Festival. We woke up pretty early to get to the market to buy some stuff before heading to the temple, located in Ampang.
Our offerings
After reaching, we wasted no time in heading into the "war zone" to start our prayers.
Here are some of the usual scenes and stuff that you can see and get during this period of the festival :)
Youngsters doing some good deeds
The one in RED is my uncle
Grandma and her stuff :)
Cam-whore session!
I looked like crap =.=

Moving on...
Is this REALLY necessary?? I even saw a guy wearing formal. Should have taken a snap =.=One of the tallest plant I've ever seen. It's a bamboo, I think ;p
After that we went back to grandma's dorm to have light refreshments.
What could be better than to have a "mini gathering" with friends that you only meet once a year :)
Next up: A short trip to Genting to check out my pair of tortoises :) Stay tune!
Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lately #8

Sorry, peeps. I know I've not been blogging/ updating my blog recently.

I've been very "the" busy with work and I've 2 posts lining up. I just need to prioritize my work first and blog later :(

Anyways, a quick recap of the recent activities.
  1. The annual 9 Emperor Gods Festival
  2. A short trip to Genting to check on my pair of tortoises
And for the upcoming events in December :)
  1. Macro Kiosk Berhad's year end Hawaiian Beach Party in Mines Wellness Hotel
  2. Cousin bro's wedding reception and dinner!!
  3. Sis' Registration of Marriage!!
You bet it's gonna be an AWESOME year end!!

That's all I can highlight, for now.

Keep in touch! :D