Thursday, August 27, 2009

RON95 Compatibility List

Should I stand corrected on my recent post regarding the RON petrol? Probably not, it's my own POV and there's nothing wrong about it :)

However, I did mentioned that I couldn't find the list of compatibility of cars and petrol. Now, I do have it. Check it out:
(List taken from
Hope this list will come in handy for you :)
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Medical Report

The other day I had a pre-employment screening, prior to entering Macro Kiosk.

Yesterday, HR of Goldis Berhad called me and told me about my medical check up report. It seems that everything is fine BUT only to have some abnormal x-ray on my left chest/ lung.

Here's the report:
The first line goes: "An opacity is seen in the left mid zone, suggestive to consolidation."

Does anyone knows what does this mean? Is it bad?

I think it was due to an injury that I picked up during futsal, few months backs, when one of the players elbowed me directly to my left chest. Is this the cause? Hmmm...

Anyways, I'm still fit for employment and it's an optional for me whether to do a second screening on my own, at my own cost. It's more like an FYI to me :)

Glad everything else is alright.

FML #1

Just when I'm done with the petrol issue, now I'm into something old and new - my car.

I've been driving my car for the past 2 years now. So far, I've changed the gearbox that cost RM1,500 for a re-condition one, RM450 for some ignition wiring and replacing a stolen hub cap that cost RM60 to RM80 per piece (double the price of their production cost) less than a year ago.

Just over a month ago, the hub cap was ONCE AGAIN stolen by some mofos in my housing area. I thought maybe this time I'll buy it later or thinking about change the whole set of rims. That would cost about RM1,000 to RM1,500 for the rims and tires.
And today, another group of mofos decided to go the extra mile - by dismantling my car's spoiler! What's worse is that my car is parked in a guarded area. Maybe the absence of CCTV gave those fcukers an advantage.
Before I picked a lot to park today, I had an odd feeling. And my instinct was right. Same goes to the time my hub cap was stolen. I was hesitating whether to park at that particular spot that day. I guess our instinct never lie, shouldn't doubt it.

This time, I'm really fed up in maintaining the car, especially when the parts are being stolen freely by those uneducated. It's really not cheap to purchase its accessories.

And for the spoiler, I don't have any comment on that. Perhaps not replacing it with a new one is the best decision. Otherwise, those fcukers will keep on coming to steal the parts.

I do not wish to maintain the car with much effort anymore, when people out there happily come to my car as if it's an accessories shop. One by one, being stolen. How much patience and unnecessary expenses can I afford?

I'm just extremely worked up right now and I might just thinking of trading in the car before someone decides to steal the whole car instead, some day *touch wood laaa*

IMO, living here in Malaysia is no longer safe, not only in regards to our belongings/ possessions but also human lives. What's with all the security booth or night watch these days? Do they really help to prevent such crimes from happening? Even if it's a small issue, but it will leave a big impact on whether they are really reliable and those people around us, if they are really trustworthy.

Another case of POTONG STIM day. What a fcuk'ed up month I had.
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RON Petrol and Your Car

(Picture taken from
So, which is yours?

OK, I just filled up my car with a tank of RON95 petrol. Yes, I know that Proton cars are recommended to use RON97 petrol and above. I thought I saw a compatibility list somewhere over the internet and it shows that Perdana is fit for both RON95 and RON97. Couldn't find that list now =.=

Anyhow, as I read more and more forums and news regarding the compatibility, I'm beginning to fear for my car. It seems that running on a lower RON can cause engine damage during long run.

These are some statements that I've found over the internet:
  1. Quoted by Chips
    "I just remembered that there was an earlier discussion on why Proton recommended RON97 in the manual for some models when they could probably run on RON95. I suspect that the reason is because there has been no RON95 available at the pumps and in order to avoid worrying motorists who are totally unclear about the matter, they put in RON97 which is what is available. If they had put RON95, then there might be motorists who keep asking where to buy RON95 and worry that there will be engine damage because they do not use what is specified by Proton."

  2. "Answer from ICARE:-
    Dear Sir,

    All Proton cars are suitable to run with RON 95.

    For models which are using carburetor engines i.e. previous Saga/Iswara and Wira, there will be minor audible engine knock at certain driving conditions (which will also depends on the engine maintenance and deterioration). These audible engine knock however will not affect engine reliability. The audible engine knock could be eliminated by adjusting the ignition timing which can be done by technicians at any authorised Proton service center."

  3. "For the uninitiated, octane numbers refers to the ability of the fuel to resist self-igniting in the combustion chamber before the spark plug fires. If that happens, the engine will experience “knocking” and become rough; this could possibly damage the engine over time.

    Petrol that has a higher RON rating (or number) will have a stronger resistance to causing knocking compared with petrol with a lower RON rating.

    But do all engines need to use the fuel with the highest RON rating? The answer is a simple no.

    “If your manufacturer specifies that the minimum requirement is RON95, using RON97 will not harm the engine. But you might end up paying more without getting any gain in performance.

    “However, using fuel with a lower-than-recommended RON rating can cause engine damage”"


  4. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the fact that RON97 will be at a higher price has raised concern among the public but what most did not understand was that RON95 would become the grade of petrol that everyone would use.

    “For many, even luxury and high-powered cars, RON95 is good enough. Malaysian consumers are currently using petrol which is of higher quality that what consumers get in other countries,” he said.

    “And the best thing is, RON95 petrol, which is almost similar in quality to RON97, is cheaper. Meaning, consumers will be paying less for good quality fuel compared to now.

    “The public should not be worried about the higher price of RON97 because it will become an alternative product”"

Are these true? Statements from Proton and other reliable sources are not solid enough in my opinion. I need someone who has experience in both RON petrol to tell them they are fine to be used. Now, that's impossible.

For statement 4, it's more focused on pricing. What I wanna know is the compatibility. They can say how cheap RON95 is but do they know the effect that will pose to our cars??

RON95 is a newly formulated petrol that will be taking over RON92. I may be wrong on this but as I know, RON92 will be phased out soon. Even RON99 is on it's way into the market. Anyone has a better idea on this?

Of course RON95 is cheaper than RON97 - RM1.75/liter and RM2.00/liter respectively. But why would government do this? Petrol with higher octane number used all these while increased by 20cents. And by introducing RON95 to the market whilst not all cars are compatible with it?? Where is the logic??

Arghhh... I'm beginning to get annoyed. Why can't they just stick to one and minimize our headache? And what's the 1Malaysia all about? Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan? Nehhh... They never even ask for our opinions on some issues. Everything taken by their own hands. Bullocks.

Now, I have a full tank of RON95 to use up before I revert back to RON97. Perhaps NOT getting a POTONG car is the best decision now >.<

"Potong stim betul"
Monday, August 24, 2009

Lately #7

This is the first time I'm publicly disclosing my new location - Macro Kiosk Berhad (MK), a subsidiary company under Tan & Tan.

I was really fortunate to receive a call from a head hunter, who did not give up in calling me. He called me when I was in Sunway Lagoon for an outing. I was kinda hesitant to pick up the call as I was preparing to go have some fun. WTF =.=

But something hit me and I went on to answer the call. It turned out to be a good decision and within a day, I agreed to go ahead with the job application. Within a week, I was called for an interview and everything went well. Then, the next few days sealed my fate. I took the offer from MK and on the same day, I've parted ways with my current employer, subject to a month notice.

There is a person that I'd like to thank - Ms. Zurina, my previous superior back in Klientec International. I asked her for a favor as my referee and she agreed. MK called her and she helped me to land the job. I couldn't thank her enough for that :) I'm glad back in 2007, we formed a good friendship bond and she has been a great mentor to me.

I owe you one, Zu ;)

p/s: Congratulations with your 3rd! Hopefully it's a daughter for you :D
pp/s: Counting down to
14 days :)
Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Look who's backkkkk~ :)

She almost ran the trolley over me due to her inability to control her feelings when she saw me. LOL! Okay, I'm just kidding ;p

This will be the last time she's gonna stay away from me for that long (apart from work). No more next time :p
Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lately #6

I've not been posting up entry as of late. Not because I'm lazy, I'm just running dry of ideas and events in my surroundings. Anyways, aside from completing my job switching the the new company, I've also resigned on a month notice.

It's gonna be a totally different experience now. I really hope that the new environment will be more lively and it will be a brand new start for me in my career. Now, I know it's too early to say this but I hope to stay in this company for a good 5 years. I was asked in the interview (almost all interviews) - "Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?". Well, there you go. I do not intend to job hop anymore, it's tiring and may not look that nice in my CV.

Frankly speaking, this is my 3rd job since July 2007. Not that bad laaa. My current employment is the longest that I've served, 1 year 6 months. My previous employment, 6.5 months. This shows that I can only improve as time goes by and I'm happy with all the experience I've gained so far :)

Somehow, going into this new job, I'll have an advantage and I'm planning to build on from there. I already have the sort of ideas and methods how to get things going once I report on the first day. It's gonna be intriguing and I'm looking forward to that :)

Oh, something embarrassing happened when I went for a medical check up in Gleneagles Intan, prior to my new employment. Here was how it went:

: So Mr. Teh, you have to get a sample of your urine. Don't take the beginning part of your urine. Take the middle. (I swear she wasn't lowering down her voice =.=)
Me: Oh, okay.
5 minutes later...
Nurse: Oh no Mr. Teh. You are supposed to put your urine sample in the tray provided there. You shouldn't be carrying your urine around! But it's ok, please put your urine sample in the lab. (And you guys can imagine, when a person found something shocking, they DEFINITELY would not hold back on their expression! Zzzzzz)
Me: ...................

I swear to God the tray was placed below my waist line and that freaking note was as low as the tray. How am I suppose to know there's a freaking tray there?? And it was freaking embarrassing lorrr. @#!@$%#!@%$

Don't laugh at me laaa. My first time doing medical check up also =.=

On the other note, Mei Ling will be back on the 18th of July! It's a good 1 month that she has been away from me. Shoots! I know, only a month, right? I hate it when I have to bear her absence, I felt so immobilize here! My weekend has been dull, there was nothing that I can do, besides going out for window shopping with my sis =.=

Futsal has been irregular too. But still ok laaa, average of 2 games per week :)

By the way, English Premier League starts TONIGHT!! WOOOT!! What's more awesome is that after the 2009/2010 season is over, World Cup 2010 South Africa is up next! Oh my God! 1 year of football dosage!! Can't ask for more, can I? ;)

I gotta go catch the first match of the 2009/2010 season now! Adios amigos & senoritas!
Sunday, August 9, 2009

Her Wedding

This is gonna be a short entry, only photos and less talk, LOL.

It was the night of Cathy's wedding with Ian. Located in a restaurant in Federal Hotel, she's my first college mate to tie the knot and it was nice to see the 2 of them, coming together from different culture, languages and going through communication barrier. At the end of the day, it's when all the pieces fall together to form a puzzle :)

Let the photos do the talking;
Amy & Chew Yee
Danyl, Amy, Chew Yee & I
With Timmy the God of Gambler :p
The only photo with Cathy! Precious :)
And finally...
Yup, that's all the photos that were taken that night, we were busy catching up instead :) Though it was only 2 hours, heck, it's like the best 2 hours we ever had, LOL.

I'm sure there are gathering to come. Only question is WHEN? Wtf, hahaha.
Friday, August 7, 2009

The Road Finally Taken?

So, I've done what I'm suppose to do. It has been a tough decision to make but for my future sake, it's worthwhile :)

I'm not gonna hold back my expression. A bumpy ride throughout my tenure here doesn't bring me any good at all. I've learned what can be learned, I've seen what can be seen and I've spoken what can be spoken.

Getting a good career ain't an easy path. You gotta fight for what's yours and the best man wins. And I won, I was shortlisted and selected, I'm proud of my achievement, why shouldn't I be? :)

I know I've to start all over again but it's gonna be a good start. I'm just happy and overwhelmed with myself and I'm definitely gonna get better than before. They promised me a better path and the appreciation that will be given seemed fair :)

Anyways, it's too early for me to say that they will be better but I'm being positive and looking forward in exploring my nurtured and hidden talent (heeee).

I shall undisclosed my next destination until I've gotten all the necessities completed.

Wish me luck!
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend Out

Last week, I brought parents around for the day. To my surprise, dad didn't play golf! Ha!! Oh well, he has gout on his right wrist and definitely hurt his butt off. Therefore, he decided to take a day off. I told him that Tiger Woods came back stronger after having surgery to his knees. So, I hope he'll roar back as Water Wood (his name in Mandarin, by the way)!! :D

We had dim sum in Jalan Ipoh, just a light breakfast as the 2 memang wanna keep fit and on diet, unlike me.
Then, we headed on to Gardens. The last time they were there was somewhere in May 2008, hahaha! Aiya, being the chauffeur and a good son, I said ok, let me show you guys what you've been missing :p
Check out the mobile phone price @.@
Launching of iPhone 3G[S]
OK laaa... They jalan here and there, to them it's nothing special, hahaha.

After a few minutes walking, I suggested that we look for sis for lunch, since we are nearby.

We went to Banquet in Bangsar Village II. I didn't eat, trust me. I only had fruit juice, hahaha. So not me, I tell ya!
So, we sent sis back to her office and went back home :)