Friday, January 30, 2009

24th Birthday Gifts

These are the gifts that I received on my 24th birthday!
  1. Manchester United Home Jersey, given by Mei Ling ^^
  2. Red packets, given by parents and sis =D

  3. Manchester United Away Jersey, given by my pri-mates! ;)
  4. England Away Jersey, given by my cousin bro from UK =)
It makes me feels like it's a jersey season, LOL.

谢谢!! ありがとう!!

Surprise Pre-CNY Dinner [23/01/2009]

It was a plan for a pre-CNY dinner with my primary mates in Hokkaido restaurant that turned out to be a birthday celebration for me as well, organized by Robin =)
He had his whole bunch of culprits with him to make it happened. I was surprised that most of them arrived wayyy earlier than I did, hahaha.
Anyways, I was late cos I went to PJ to pick up Mei Ling from her office. The traffic was hectic, havoc and haywire I tell ya.

Once I reached there, they were all there, except for Cheryl and Max =)

The rest ordered a plate of noodles to begin with, to salvage their lives from hunger, LOL. Sorry guys ;p

Some photos before the food arrives;
So, to the food. Here are some photos to begin with ^^
Okay... I never expect for a birthday cake, though. ONLY dinner and that's it! But they went an extra mile...
Next up, groupics!!!
And finally... Present ^^
I'm thankful for what they've done for me. I have to say, this is my first time experiencing such birthday celebration with my friends in my whole life. Never have I been in such situation before. Usually it has been with my family members =)

Definitely a remarkable and unforgettable day for me ;)
Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You for the Birthday messages

I'd like to extend my gratitude to the list of peeps and peers for their wonderful birthday wishes (on Facebook and text messages) =)
  1. Mei Ling
  2. Amos Dong
  3. Andrew Chong
  4. Ang Beng Hooi a.k.a. KAK
  5. Benjamin Tham a.k.a. DOCTOR
  6. Bryan Siew
  7. Carolyn Lim
  8. Cathy Lee
  9. Chee Sin
  10. Cheryl
  11. Christina Wong
  12. Cyprian Lee
  13. Danyl Tan
  14. Daphne Lee
  15. Doris Chien
  16. Eiling
  17. Elaine Lee
  18. Fawaz
  19. Florence Hong
  20. Francis Hong
  21. Jack Chui
  22. Jesmine Ng
  23. Joseph Chew
  24. Kelly Lim a.k.a. CHIU KEA
  25. Keng Mun
  26. Kok Kin
  27. Li Ann
  28. Li Mei
  29. Marcus Tan
  30. Melvin Liew
  31. Michelle Kirsten Tai a.k.a. BABI HUTANZZ
  32. Pei Yan
  33. Rachel Leong
  34. Robin Wong
  35. Safrul
  36. Samuel Siew a.k.a. RON-SAMUEL
  37. Sau Suan a.k.a. XIAO XIAO ^^
  38. Shino Lee
  39. Solomon Oon
  40. Sook Ling a.k.a. SIAO PO ;p
  41. Sook Wei
  42. Sui Kar
  43. Summer Teng
  44. Tee Chin
  45. Theenesh
  46. Theresa
  47. Timmy Ting a.k.a. FAKE ROONEY-CANTONA
  48. Tommy Yip a.k.a. MONK BOND
  49. Wai Yee
  50. Way Chuan
  51. Yee Jing
  52. Yee San
  53. Yi Wei
  54. Ziling
Thank you!!
Friday, January 23, 2009

What's Going On

It's been a while since I last updated my blog.

Let's see.............................................................

Well, it has been a roller-coaster-ride for the past couple of weeks. Both good and bad. But more to the bad side, I reckon. Too many issues happened at the same time that prompted me to make a swift recovery and decide what I wanted most in my life, career especially.

Lots of power shifting that has been going on, people started to point fingers, picking on one another, even yelled at each other and it doesn't seem to look good, as far as I'm concerned.

But... Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner, which coincidentally falls on my birthday, for the first time I think =) I'm not gonna let those messy life in office disturb me while I'm having fun. In fact, I'm really looking forward towards the first day of the festive season!! =D Wondering where will I be... =)

Tonight, my friends and I will be having our very own pre-CNY dinner in Hokkaido restaurant. Will try to snap some photos. If I don't, probably I'm drunk on that night itself, wish I hope NOT, LOL.

Happy Chinese New Year, peeps!!
Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hey ladies... Gentlemen as well =)

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The website says it all. Stocks are ready and available.

Don't miss out on this opportunity ;)

p/s: I'm only assisting my friend in this advertising. DO NOT sue me at all cost for any inappropriate information. Thanks.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Yet another hilarious clip!! LOL!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve Gathering [31.12.08 - 01.01.09]

Robin, Tommy and I suggested to have a steamboat gathering amongst our primary mates on the 31st at my crib. Well, to be honest, I was in quandary state on the number of headcounts, as some of them might already have their own plans.

Anyways, we still proceed with the plans. Lucky enough, he was very helpful in making the gathering happened =) Some came back to me last minute saying they are coming, and bringing some friends who we may know. To me, better late than never. I was glad, nonetheless ;)

Mom helped me out on getting the ingredients from the wet and dry market *thanks mom*. So does me Mei Ling =)

Melvin was the first to arrive. He bought some tidbits to add on to the snack bar =) Then came Sunny, Doris and Vivian. I've not seen Doris for the past 11 years and yea... Finally I get to meet her =) She sat next to me in Standard 6, though, LOL. Tommy and Grace came next, followed by Robin, Sui Kar and Keng Mun.

Here are some of the photos during the steamboat session =)
First cheer of the night...
Our mixer for the night...
Cousin Keat dropped by a while to say HI after coming back from UK for the holidays:
After the makan-makan session, we all went inside to start our drinking + game session. And also to chill out ;)
It was almost the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 2009. We all rushed to the nearest spot that the KL city is visible. Unfortunately, the fireworks went off BUT... We managed to popped the champagne and greet everyone happy new year!! =D Didn't take any photos though, everyone had fun ;)

Here are the group photos!

Have a great 2009, everyone!!