Monday, October 19, 2009

Adidas SALA [X vs X]

I've been wearing Adidas Predator for at least 2 years now. However, recently there aren't much choice for the Predator range.

So, while I was loitering around Summit Subang (was attending some event there), I came across the Adidas Factory Outlet boutique. Without any hesitation, I went into scout for a new pair of futsal shoes. I can say that ALL the shoes are at least 50% off the retail price, cos it's factory outlet maaa, hahaha.

Well, wanted to get a new pair of Predator but the size was too big. Then, I saw the Adidas SALA range. I always thought of getting a pair to get the feel of the shoes as many claimed that it's a good pair for futsal cos it's light and comfortable.
And I didn't put myself in a difficult situation and immediately get a pair. It only cost me RM110, compared to the retail, it's selling at RM220. What a catch XD
Bottom line, I've found a new love but I'm still looking forward to the new range of Predator for the World Cup 2010! ^^

Somebody Call 911

It was the night of any other nights when this happened...
This fiery incident happened at around 7:45pm at OUG, while we were passing by NPE. It felt eerie when I saw the heat produced by the flame.

The workers tried to put off the fire with pails of water. Don't think that's gonna help. And 2 fire engines were parked by the road side but not doing anything. Perhaps no sense of urgency??

Oh well, I just hope it didn't claim anyone's life.
Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Day I Let Them Go

On the day of Mid Autumn, dad, mum and I went up to Genting Highlands to release the pair of tortoises that have been with us for the past 9 years. I remember I bought them for a mere RM1.50 each and have changed 5 containers just to accommodate their fast-growing size.
Before leaving home...
We left home pretty early, around 8am. It was pouring heavily once we reached there. If it was gloomy, the weather it just perfectly nice :) We had a quick breakfast before proceeding to Chin Swee Temple.
Saturday morning...
Sunlight pun tarak? (Sunlight also don't have?)
Chin Swee Temple
Some treats for my pair as a final send-off
Parents went for prayers while I played around with the camera (forgive my skills, only my first day of trying :)
Holy water for RM5?? I thought it supposed to be FOC?? :D
Kinda like this shot :)
Haiyaa... They looked terrified!
First model of the day :D

And then, it's time to set them free...
Unfamiliar territory
Jom makan (Come, let's eat)
Malu-malu (Shy-shy)
Ni pun sama (This also the same)
Minutes later...
Keep swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming swimming swimming...
Still the same. However, once it got into the water, he didn't know how to swim =.= So, I guess he's at the bottom of the pond. Hope he'll be alright...
Fast in making new friends and getting used to the environment, proud of you :)
Went back to KL an hour later. A short period in Genting left a huge memory in me - The day I let them go...

I'll visit you guys hopefully 1-2 months once? :) Just to check on you guys. Hopefully, I can recognize you two.
(Damn I forgotten to give them a mark on their shell, my bad... =.=)
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Futsal On The Roof Of The Building

This is the first time I play futsal on the roof of a building! It reminds me of the scene in Tokyo Drift, whereby a bunch of Japanese dudes playing futsal. Awesome~

I have to say the air is fresh and it's definitely so much cooler than playing in a warehouse-factory-like arena.

A new experience and I'm looking forward to more games in the future.

Thanks MK :)
Friday, October 2, 2009

My Very First Digital-SLR

Gonna start off by bringing it out on weekends, and weekdays, occasionally :)
Nikon D5000
Anyone with any photography tips, please do share with me, I'm interested.