Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crap Shitz

Currently, I'm crapping with si Timmy on football trivia. WTF. All sorta rubbish questions were thrown out, LOL. Here's a sneak peek:
Rooney Rooney says:
here did mu sign possebon from?
[vincent]®™ says:
from... internacional
Rooney Rooney says:
how the fuck u know
[vincent]®™ says:
niama, i know you scold me
don't know also scold
fucker la you!
[vincent]®™ says:
where is martin jol now?
Rooney Rooney says:
think i`m sohai ah
beef hamburger
[vincent]®™ says:
Rooney Rooney says:
where is harry kewell playing now?
hello.. tat is more than 10 secondz bro
[vincent]®™ says:
no no
Rooney Rooney says:
lol ur ass.. galatasary
only first answer accepted
[vincent]®™ says:
fuck you la
Rooney Rooney says:
Rooney Rooney says:
how much did liverpool sign harry kewell for?
[vincent]®™ says:
5 million?
Rooney Rooney says:
that is a good try
[vincent]®™ says:
i tembak
i don't even know
Rooney Rooney says:
what is david beckham's full name?
[vincent]®™ says:
david robert joseph beckham
Rooney Rooney says: says:
wat a gay name
just like timmy cantona rooney ting
[vincent]®™ says:
correct ar?
fuck you la!!!
You just gotta screw them before getting screwed.

Yeap, that's the way we communicate - NEVER change =)
Thursday, September 25, 2008

Perfect Weekend

The time of my life
Gonna go through briefly on the activities last week (20/09/2008 - 21/09/2008) =)
  1. Went to Batu Laut with parents and sis for lunch. Brought Mei Ling along. It was a good outing. Went to the longan orchard as well, after that.
  2. Bought about 33kgs of longans home!! Well, we distributed it around, though =)
  3. Reached home about 4pm. Watched Iron Man to kill some time.
  4. Decided not to hold the present for too long. I wanted her to wear it for the night's dinner =) So, I placed the present and a birthday card into her bag. She got stoned when she saw what was inside!! Tryin'a act cool and all, it didn't work though ;p
  5. We got ourselves ready and I brought her to TGI Friday's. We had Shrimp Martini, Buffalo Wings, Sizzling Chicken and Cheese, Double-Stack Chicken Quesadillas and a Chocolate Malt Cake.
  6. Had a good dinner and chat throughout the night.
  7. Called for the bill and they gave her a surprised birthday song, requested by Yours Truly =) Boy, did she get played and fooled the whole night, kekeke ;p
  8. Here's the picture:
  9. Watched Black Water after the dinner. It's based on a true story in Australia, which AGAIN involved a crocodile (-_-") It's also the first time I watch a movie that consists of ONLY 5 main actors, period.
  10. Sent her home after that. Reach the front gate at the stroke of midnight. Unexpected ;)
  11. The next morning, she drove to my house and we went for breakfast.
  12. Dropped by at KLCC to have my pants altered. Was kinda pissed with the stuck-up dude that put the blame on me. Argh, long story...
  13. Met up with parents, a while, as they were heading to LV in KLCC. Was checking out on some potential wallet to replace my current one =D
  14. Then, we went home as she needs to get her work done, while I prepared myself for futsal.
  15. And I got home with a partially chipped + bleeding thumb (-_-")
  16. Mom then cooked dinner and had a toast to Mei Ling on her birthday =)
  17. She left around 10.30pm. I sure do miss her =)
Anyways, she'll be away for her company's quarterly meeting. Gonna have the whole weekend on my own. Gotta get my car fixed (hopefully it's NOT a gearbox issue) and might meet up with the evil Sook Ling and my old pal, Francis =) Will be waiting for Jack to be back from his trip. It has been a while =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Father's Grief ~ Faintest of Hope

Hi Everyone,

This coming Sunday will mark the third month since the Princess of the Stars capsized and up to now we still do not know the whereabouts of Kathleen. Ever since the June 21, things have really been so different for me. Everyday when I go to work, my heart aches knowing in my heart that the company, which I have been serving for the past 28 years, have been instrumental to the disappearance of a daughter whom I loved so much.

I really miss Kathleen so much, not so much of her being the one supposedly to help the family but because she was such an obedient child. In the office, I would cry when memories of
Kathleen will come to my mind. I would remember that it was Achie Nellie who helped Abeth deliver Kathleen into this world.

This coming September 24, they said will be the day that the pesticide ENDOSULFAN will be taken out from the ship and then after, the divers will begin to retrieve the remaining bodies trapped inside the ship. I know that finding survivors inside the ship will be remote but we are still hoping and praying that there will be survivors found inside the ship and Kathleen will be one of them.

I have been contemplating of availing the Optional Retirement in the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the Union and the Company, why? Because everytime I work and come across entry of the vessel Princess of the Stars, I just could not help it but cry and the excitement and vigor of working for the company has disappeared.
But I am still seeking the guidance of the Lord Jesus into making the right decision. Please help me pray that I would be making the right decision.


16th September 2008
Dear Uncle Alex,

I can't help but to feel sorry and mourn the loss of sis Kathleen. Stay strong, uncle. Hang in there.

God bless all of you back there in Cebu.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When There's Too Much Time

What should I do right now? When all tasks are done for the day. Sighhh... Misery looms (-_-")...

p/s: Hoping for futsal tonight =D [Failed]
Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now I Know...

... what does "PLU" stands for in my previous post.

"People Like Us"

There you go =) This information was provided by Mei Ling. Don't ask me how she knows. Perhaps, she WAS one, before. I wonder, LOL.
Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Office

We have finally shifted! Better working environment, bigger working space, no complains on spoiled air-con... What else?? =D I went to the new premise first to coordinate the movers on uploading the boxes. This was how my desk look like before and after I arranged it:
Now, take a look at the pantry. I'm not sure what are they gonna have with the amount of space there:
Rumors have it that they are gonna place a fusbol and pool table for entertainment. I SERIOUSLY doubt that's gonna happen.

Another issue is FOOD~! Ok, next to the building, there are a few stalls but I wouldn't wanna eat that for the rest of my time here =x If were to walk to those places that I used to go, I gotta bring another set of attire to office then (-_-")
Monday, September 8, 2008

Transfer Market

Transfer market has ended about a week ago now (September 1st, 12:00am). Mainly, it was these 2 players, Robinho (L) and Dimitar Berbatov (R), that made most of the headlines.

In the beginning, I was really unsure on the capture of Berbatov, as he was frozen out from the first team in Tottenham, due to his pleas to be transferred to Manchester United (ManUtd). ManUtd is only willing to pay £25million to £27million for his services but Tottenham hold firm on wanting £30million for the striker. That made me wonder if he was REALLY that worthy...

However, at the stroke of midnight, on September 1st, the incredible happened:
Dimitar Berbatov signed for ManUtd for a reported fee of £30.75million from Tottenham. He chose to don the colors of ManUtd instead of the wages offered by ManUtd's rival, Manchester City (ManCity) - who was trying to snatch him under the noses of ManUtd at £32million.
I'm glad that ManUtd finally captured Berbatov as I think he's technically better than Ruud van Nistelrooy. Hopefully he'll bang in goals for the Red Devils. ManUtd's young striker, Frazier Campbell, moved to Tottenham on a one-year loan deal.

Berbatov departure signaled the capture of Russia's Roman Pavlyuchenko to Tottenham (below) for £14million.
ManCity did their part in the transfer market too - peeped Chelsea in the race to sign Brazilian ace, Robinho from Real Madrid for a British record £32.5million.
Wondering where did ManCity managed to get a huge figure of transfer fund, the club was taken over by Abu Dhabi United Group. Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim was the mastermind in the transfer market of ManCity. He even visioned and vowed to build his own "dream team", by promising manager Mark Hughes a staggering £500million transfer fund!!

Here are the players and the transfer bid of the doc is willing to pay to build his very own "dream team":
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (ManUtd) - £135million
2. Fernando Torres (Liverpool) -
3. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) -
4. Kaka (AC Milan) -
5. Cecs Fabregas (Arsenal) -

Now, the question is... "Can money buy success? Or failure?"

In my opinion, I shall evaluate
ManCity's performance halfway through the season. Wonder how far can they go ;p
Sunday, September 7, 2008

WTF is "PLU"??

I received a surprised text message from a friend, whom I've never met for a very longggg time. I'll take you through our conversation:
*mind that this blog entry may require parental control
Legend: Anonymous = AN

AN: Hi! How are you? Still remember me?
Me: Hey dude. I remember you.
AN: Ehh... Can I ask you something? Are you PLU?
Me: What is PLU?
AN: You don't understand means you are not larr.
AN: You like guy or girl one?
Me: I'm confused... Not sure which I like more... <-- (This was totally meant to be a joke or for fun, mind you. HONEST!!)
AN: I see. You try with guy before? No matter love or XXX? <-- (You get the drift)
AN: Got interest to try XXX with guy?
Me: Hey man, don't think I'm interested. How's your life? <-- (Knowing that he's serious, I HAD to change the topic, ASAP!!)
AN: No larr, just wish to .... <-- (I can't bear to type the complete SMS)
Me: Of course... NOT!! Dude, I'm not interested at all.
AN: Oh, but just try for an experience lorr. Can give me and yourself a chance to clarify it?
AN: Sorry, I think I've said too much! <-- (Duhh~ What do you think??)
AN: No reply means can't be friends anymore?
Me: Sorry dude, I'm REALLY NOT interested in what you want. I'm straight, that's it.
AN: Ok, got it. Sorry to say so many nonsense things to you!
AN: One day, if you wish to .... even oral, you can always look for me. <-- (Don't even think about it)
Didn't I screwed things up in the beginning? Hahaha... I showed those text messages to sis and cousin sis. I thought "Ok, let's have some fun. Let's tease him". Little did I know, I got him "started", darn~ ;p And they started teasing me "Didn't know your market is THAT broad" (-_-")

Well, I don't care if he isn't straight. Just DON'T involve me =)
Saturday, September 6, 2008


BRAVO to cousin, Sze Sian (R), and her MY friend, Kendra (L), upon their convocation and as a graduate of Monash University =)

Good luck to you girls and WORK SMART for the future ;)
Friday, September 5, 2008


Okay. So it's Friday, yet another weekend approaching. I'm not leaving office, just yet, to wait for the traffic in central KL to subside.
Right, what's up for the weekend?? I don't think I'll have any plans in mind. Mei Ling will be meeting up with her college mate. Might send my car back to the Air Cool (tinting shop), my demister doesn't seem to work!! Only the bottom 4 line works (DAMN!). I've to admit that I'm beginning to be obsessed with my car's situation, good or bad, sighhh... (-_-")

Little that I know that mom will only be back from Melbourne next week! It's more than 2 weeks she's there, as told. Dad may join her one of these days. But I reckon he won't get his tickets on time. We'll see... =)

Currently listening to: I Will Be (Leona Lewis)
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What A Day!

First shocker of the day - URINE TEST?? You gotta be kidding me!! NO!! Department by department was called upon to the conference room to have a short briefing on the test. Konon-lah is a new company policy. It does felt weird as it’s my first time doing such test.

A colleague was instructed to follow everyone into the loo, to make sure that we pee into the container provided and no other substances are added (duh!). Then, a reader is dipped into the urine and the result appears in matter of seconds. Some sort like pregnancy test ;p

However, what frustrates me the most today is the mishandling of the current company’s operations. Air-cons have been dismantled to be brought over to the new office. Gosh, can’t they use their bloody brain?? We’re still working here and it’s freaking hot in the office!! And they certainly messed up the whole office I tell ya. Currently, it’s only ONE fcuking air-con, supplying cold air to the whole department. Dim-wit to the max!! How I wished I’m stationed in Cyberjaya office until the shifting is completed. Less hassle.

p/s: Hm... I'm not excited with the capture of Berbatov but is SHOCKED over Robinho's move to Manchester City. Definitely a hugeee title-defence season by the Red Devils.