Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elaine's Birthday Lunch Treat (Postponed)

We went to Zang Toi @ Pavilion to treat Elaine (head of PMO) a birthday lunch. Her birthday falls on 20/09/2009 or 20092009. Nice date eh :)
Myself > Elaine
Elaine > Myself > Valen
Surprisingly, the food in Zang Toi is nice and pretty recommended :)

Photos credited to Valen Lim.
Monday, September 28, 2009

Fish Head Noodles @ Win Soon Cafe, Kuchai Lama

On Saturday, I brought Mei Ling to try out the second-best fish head noodles in town (just a "claim" by me :). Well, I did not know much about this place until my colleagues spoke about how nice this dish is and they've tried it many times before (of course). They went on Wednesday but I didn't follow, as I was feeling a lil' bit under the weather.

So, out of curiosity, I went for a food-hunting session with Mei Ling :)

Got lost a few times, ended up calling Elaine for directions. Well, it's not that difficult to locate the restaurant, it's just the amount of buildings blocking the view, haaa~
They are specialized in nothing but fish head noodles. However, there are other varieties as well, such as fish paste and fresh prawns, if you like to add on to your order.

Mei Ling ordered their ever famous fish head noodles...
... And I ordered mine with fresh prawn added :)
What I like about the fresh prawn is that it added a flavorful prawn taste to the soup, combining together with the fish flavor. It's just so scrumptious! :D
However, the MSG added to the soup is a bit too much to my liking. I tend to drink more and my mouth feels dry after that.

Here's the total:
Fish Head Mee Hoon : RM7.50
Fresh Prawn and Fish Head Mee Hoon : RM13.80
Iced Lemon Tea : RM3.50
Iced Honey Sea Coconut : RM2.50

Grand Total : RM27.30

I guess it's a reasonable price for a well-known restaurant. But I just think that it's unnecessary to charged an extra RM6 for a piece of fresh prawn, which is cut into half.

My rating : 7.5/10

Try it! You may just like it ;)

No. 46, Jalan Kuchai Lama Maju 9,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
Kuala Lumpur.

Station 1 Cafe and Boston.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Night Of Incidents

While Kanye West is being an ass towards Taylor Swift in the recent VMA 2009, I have met some stuck up people too last night. These people have they similarity - when they lose temper/ you outsmart them, they'll hurt you in any way.

Obviously, I think Kanye was protecting his culture but he could have done it at the back of the stage, instead of national tv. Well, anyway... He sucks.
She thought he'll congratulate her...
... But it was otherwise. Taylor looked dumbfounded...
... Yup, like an ass that he has always been.
Taylor is a young and huge talent at her age. I've always admired her. It's great that she didn't break down in the middle of the stage. That would probably spoil her make up :) And kudos to Beyonce Knowles for standing up for Taylor, awesome sight ;)

Anyways, for my side of the story, we've been playing futsal with the SAME bunch of people, with the SAME attitude and SAME attitude for the past 2 years. 2 years on and they still never change. Why? Ego, my friends. Emotions run high, tempers flare.

When people get too emotional during a game, they eventually forgotten about sportsmanship. This is an eye-sore. They always try to prove to everyone how good they are and all, okay, but do it like a professional.

Trust me, every night, they just gotta play rough. 2 person in particular. Honestly, what do you get from that???

Oh yea. One shit thing about it is that they'll drunk themselves before coming for the game. WTF right?? This is when they get extremely rough and bringing all their unsporting behavior to the court. I thought of suggesting to give them a ban but I don't have the final say.

So, last night was the final straw. V lost his temper and screwed M after the game cos M was blaming V for not being able to control his team. V stated that M should be telling to us, NOT him, which I 100% agreed with him. What an ass! Ass#2 goes to M. Sorry, you gotta take your turn to be #1.

However, in the court was a different story. M loves to give everyone a kick and elbow which I've been on the receiving end far too many times. I told him nicely to not to raise his elbow too much or to stick his leg in for any kinda reasons. As ass as he can be, he ignored.

Then comes the biggest ass for all time. I could only named him as B. He, in particular, has high level of testosterone. No kidding. He goes in with a tackle, runs his mouth and shows people who's boss. Now, this is Ass#1.

I'm really sick having to play with these 2. Each and every time we play, we gotta tell ourselves not to play rough on them but they are just as bull as they can be.

B ran into me once early in the game. I was okay with it cos it was unintentional. He then apologizes and the game carried on. The second time he ran into me was deliberate! And with that impact, I uttered a loud noise. He came up to me on the spot and asked:
B: What happened huh?? (I knew he was gonna be unhappy about something)
Me: It's okay, just carry on.
B: Then why you said *something* (Couldn't hear what was he mumbling)
Me: I never say anything.

The game played on. Once I received the ball and within a split second, B came from behind and lunged into me. WTF?!?!?! Seriously, this is so damn unprofessional! Right now, my ankle hurts because of that.

Not only these. I got screwed before for bringing friends who are not that good in futsal. And one of them even condemned my friend in front of everyone!

Those kinda incidents really put the game off and people eventually lose interest for the remaining of the game. How are we suppose to enjoy when the opponents are always drunk and they start playing rough? Sigh!

Though we settled our differences after the game, deep inside me I think that's so unnecessary. I owe him NO apology and I stand by that. I play to make friends, NOT foes.

To the 2 of you, please join the professional league instead. Perhaps this time you'll get the beating of your life.

'Nuff said.
Friday, September 11, 2009

The Last Lunch

Prior to the last dinner on 04/09/2009, we (myself, Angela, Carol, Goh) went to Times Square for Subway lunch. As usual, we took monorail there (fastest way).

Once we reached, I suggested to head straight to Subway for lunch before proceeding to whatever-plans-they-have. Angela suggested to get the XXL Chicken to go along with our sandwiches. I'm not particular sure the name of the restaurant but it's located at the same floor as the cinema.

Now, I'll let the photos do the talking :)
Look at the amount of food we're having!
While waiting for the train...
Nice :p
Angela is up to something...
... A pole dancer =.=
The makcik also wanna join =.=
Carol for the closing. Don't know what is she doing, LOL.
It was just a simple lunch outing but I enjoyed it a lot. This is gonna be one of the things that I'm gonna miss most :)
Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Last Dinner

Last Friday (04/09/2009) was my curtain closure in BSMART Technology. Well, I've to admit I felt quite emotional upon leaving the company but it was a decision that I've made for my own good and I'm gonna look at it as an escape? LOL.

Had a few snapshots with the personnel who has helped me during my tenure there and eventually became good friends:
Carol, Myself, Kana, Chong
Messy Daisy @ Angela @ LaLa
Miss Goh Swee Ling
And... Yea, the boss =.=
Then, we went over to Restaurant Nelayan located in Titiwangsa Lake for a break-fast gathering, organized by the Sports Club.
BCSC boys:
Sham, my best buddy. He left for MIMOS :)
Black and White :p
Fanny and Crystal
Arina, Zen and Jiin Hong
Faizal and Hadi
Kak Effa in it :)
Mr. David Chin
(L-R) Navis, Kumar, Hilant, Deven, Monica, Huang Yi
(L-R) Amin, Fauziah, Siti, Rafidah and family :)
5 Friendship...
... Seems like they have something in mind...
... Ambush!!!
Trying to get a final group photo before the night ends:
It was really a tiring day and night. It has been pretty eventful too.

Click here for more photos from the night.

Thank you so much to the Sports Club committee. Although it's about the break-fast gathering, it was also dedicated to my farewell, I'm grateful for that :)

Make sure give me a call whenever you guys play futsal or have any other activities. Would like to catch up once in a while ;)

Oh yea. I'll upload the photos of us (myself, Carol, Angela and Goh) going to Times Square for Subway lunch on the same day soon :)