Monday, March 30, 2009

Journey To The South

[Note: I regret to inform you readers that there are NO photos taken during this trip. Well... Maybe 1-2. Mum took the camera!! ;(]

Here's how it went.

I was away from 27th-29th of March to Malacca with Mei Ling. This trip is just to have a time out off our work and enjoy what we deserve - a break =)

Day 1
We went for breakfast in Yut Kee and started our journey to Malacca around 11.30am.

She insisted that I needed 2 hours to reach our destination. So, I was very determined to prove her that I can clock a shorter time than that.

Ok laaa... She tried to put me off by stopping by at rest areas, bla bla bla... But it only took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach. Anddddd... I wasn't speeding ok. 160km/h only what. LOL~!

Once we reached, we head on to Aldy Hotel, where we're staying, which is located 5 minutes walk from Jonker and just directly opposite St. Paul Church =) It's not particularly a huge 4-5 star hotel... But just enough for us to clean ourselves up and rest, hahaha.

Thanks to Josephine, we managed to get a voucher of 3Days 2Nights stay in a superior room for only RM200 =) However, the room wasn't particularly ready when we arrived. So, we took a hike in the Jonker at 1pm! It's like freaking hot weyyy!

Anyways, we had the ever famous chicken rice ball located opposite San Shu Gong (tak tau the spelling laaa). After that we walked along Jonker and I bought myself 2 tops from Jonker Gallery.

Since the weather wasn't too pleasant, we went to Dataran Pahlawan Mall to get air-conned ;p Ahhh... It's just so messy inside the mall. It's not particularly that huge but it's freaking longggg~ Just to go the the loo, you gotta make your way... All the way to the end of the mall just to take a leak! And they all ran outta soap, mind you. Zzzzz...

We didn't really walked much in the mall, due to fatigue. So, it was around 3.30pm that we decided to get ourselves checked in.

Once we got our room, we had our own a cool + warm shower as a therapy to the freaking + scorching + bloody HOT weather outside~! We took a short nap prior to dinner.

Mei Wei came to pick us up for a dinner outing with her family. I seriously wasn't ready for the dinner at all. It was a last minute plan before we came down to Malacca. But the dinner turned out to be fun. Mei Wei's sisters were talkative, creating a cheerful and lively dinner =) Thank you so much ;)

After dinner, we went to Jonker once more to get the food digested. Nothing much to talk about, wahahaha~

That doesn't end here. We then went to Capitol to have satay celup. YES, we EAT AGAIN. What is Malacca trip without tasting their local food eh =)

By the time we reached our hotel, it was about 12am and it was time to clean up and go to bed.

There goes day 1 =)


Day 2
Today, we set our mind on shopping, movie, eating and... MORE eating =D

Hey, it was really fun driving around town, searching for the best food around.

I brought Mei Ling to a kopitiam that is quite famous for its duck noodles. I always have my breakfast there whenever I'm in Malacca. It's located somewhere along the coastal road, just follow Tengkera and Tanjung Bidara direction, should be laaa. I'm not a Malaccan laaa. I only follow my instinct when I drove around ;)

This time, I find the food there so-so only.

Not being satisfied, I decided to launch my ultimate secret food weapon - satay babi. Just follow the Jalan Laksamana road that leads to Eye On Malaysia. There, you'll pass by a restaurant (I think it's the only restaurant around), that has 3-4 people outside, barbecuing some satays. And it's made outta pork. So, it's a non-halal food readers =)
If you'll like to make some advance order(s), here's the number: 06-2817281

After doing justice to the food, we land ourselves in Dataran Pahlawan Mall for some shopping and movie =)
  1. We bought some clothing from DC Super Heroes store. I got myself Tw0-Faced tee and Mei Ling got herself a Batman tee.
  2. Passed by a Korean boutique. Mei Ling got herself a cute dress that looks like a farm girl, LOL. But it's nice =)
  3. Got another top from Bossini. Good offer okay ;p
  4. Went into Brands Outlet. Again, I whacked 3 tops, whilst she got herself 1.
  5. Bought movie tickets for Race To Witch Mountain. The movie was okay, lots of actions
After the movie, we went back to the hotel to get a short nap before heading for dinner.

This time, we went to Alai, a seafood village that is located along the coastal road to Muar. We ordered 5 different types of seafood - cencaru, sotong, kembung, pari and prawns; along with 5 packets of nasi lemak and 3 glasses of drinks. The total was RM32.40 but they only charged us RM30. Freaking cheap, right??? Kekeke. I would go there once more for their seafood, freshly served ;)

We dropped by at Jonker again for a bucket of cold Carlsberg at Geographer to end the night =)


Day 3
Funny thing. Regardless how tired I was during the 3 days trip, I couldn't sleep later than 10am. I'd probably be awake by 9am. Then I started to disturb Mei Ling, hahaha.

Okay, I know I've said the word "Jonker" very often and YES, we went there AGAIN and AGAIN for breakfast, LOL. Deyyy... Can't blame us. Jonker is just next door to the hotel and it's the easiest way for us to fill ourselves up =)

Then, we went to pack some satay babi home.

Nothing much except eating and leaving Malacca =) Oh yea, we did stopped in Seremban to pack some "siew pao" home too.

And that's all for day 3.


Told ya there isn't much photos, hahaha. Next time, perhaps. Sorry peeps =)
Tuesday, March 24, 2009


At first, it was a massacre. Now, it's humiliation.

What in the world is going on?? What happened to ManUtd??

Fulham had just inflicted serious wounds to ManUtd's title defence. Okay, I admit that they are kinda experiencing a slump here but that shouldn't be the case to argue about.
BAD day in the office

They beat Fulham twice, comfortably, with a 4-0, 4-0 result about 3 weeks ago.

1 point ahead and a game in hand, can ManUtd throttle their way through this time? How far can Liverpool go to chase ManUtd for the title?

With the 2-week international break, I hope they'll come back stronger than ever.

I know I can go on and on and on about this, simply because I'm not a happy fan right now. But... Guess I should stop for now, it won't get me anywhere and won't do me any good, LOL.

Friday, March 20, 2009


There has been a niggling pain on my shin... for more than 2 weeks since I got kicked.

I don't know what sort of term that I should use but it felt like a "dent" on the shin... Hahaha!

Should I go for an x-ray to know the extend of the injury??

I have this wildest dream that I'm required a surgery, and because of that, I couldn't play futsal for a certain period, LOL :p

C'mon... Everyone dreams ^^

I'll see how it goes in the next few days =)
Monday, March 16, 2009

It Was A Massacre!!


I swear on my tortoises that I've never seen such mauling on The Devils before - in Old Trafford!!

Seriously, losing 1-4!! Deyyy... Tell me what kinda game is that?!?!

Ya know, I could settle with a 1-1 draw or a 1-2 loss. But noooo... They just gotta let the score line to be 1-3 then 1-4, with Vidic getting the marching orders. What the hell?!?!

That was how BAD the game went

No Giggs and Scholes in the First XI, not even Berbatov. And why can't Ronaldo be a team player rather than doing a solo act.

Sigh... I felt shitty-ly bad for my beloved team. After all the tough draw with Inter Milan (Internazionale) in the Champions League, they prevailed. After the Carling Cup Final, they prevailed too and followed by the 4-0 demolition of Fulham in the FA Cup.

Well, I guess every dog has its day, ManUtd is not excluded.

4 points ahead and a game in hand - with Arsenal still to visit Old Trafford and an away visit to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. This will definitely test their Quintuple Quest.

ManUtd Forever!!

When Opportunity Knocks

Both of us had our very own opportunity recently - to get away from our current doings.

We both had fun, opening up our options to different takers, hoping for good news from them; though disappointment may happen but both of us prayed for the best.

So far, I had 1 taker and she had 2! She must be doing very well there, I'm happy for her.

Nothing could describe the things that we've been through just to be accepted by people.

If we have to go, we will go. It's definitely for the better.

p/s: If you're thinking what I'm thinking, then what you're thinking is definitely NOT what I'm thinking =)
Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm DREAMing of a good future and better prospect.

I wouldn't know what is right and what is wrong until I've experienced it. It's a RISK.

If decisions were made, there's no turning back. I've to carry on with the new path. This is my SUFFER.

Therefore, FAILURE looms but I've to stand tall on my feet.

With the faintest of HOPE, I shall prevail.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Futsal? Work?

"You might have to follow me to Oman".

I'm looking forward to it, of course. He told me it will only be a few days away - setup the server and database - make sure it runs as it should be and we will be on our way home.

But... The subject which concern me is none other than F.U.T.S.A.L.. I know, some might wanna kill me for having this thought (especially the person whom I always mentioned "Taylor" to)

I'm VERY passionate about futsal. I eat, live, sleep and breathe futsal. Even Mei Ling went from "I-See" to "No-Eye-See" nowadays, LOL.

Okay, it's only futsal - you might say. However, I couldn't imagine the day I let the game pass me by (!@#$#@%$#).

I don't know what would I become or where will I end up when my illustrious futsal career comes to an end. LOL. WTF.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random: Futsal

It was a bad day in the court yesterday.

My left shin was hacked (badly bruised now). It didn't look that bad at first. But when I touched it, it felt dented in and my fear was, "Did I just suffered a cracked/ fractured bone?!?!?". It was scary, shoots.

And I kicked out on Hynn for too many times (sorry bro, didn't mean it).

Tonight, there will be another game (hopefully). Need to get my game back on track (zzzzz).
Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adidas Absolado PS IN @ Predator

I heart my Predator =)