Sunday, January 31, 2010

My 2010 Birthday Gratitude

Here, I'd like to extend my gratitude and heart-felt thank you to my family, my babe and peeps, whom wished me on my joyous day :) It couldn't be much better if it's not for your wishes. I appreciate it a lot and my best wishes to all of you!

My family:
  • Dad (you're the best)
  • Mum (you make everything possible)
  • Sis (congratulations to you and brother Ben)
  • Ben (welcome to the family)
  • Sian (you're always crazy)
  • Keat (wait for me while I'll visit you in UK soon? :)
  • Wen (happy go lucky girl :)
  • Aunt Julie (ever so energetic in chasing Reyes around, hahaha)
  • Min (all the best in your future studies ;)
  • Siang (good luck in opening your own business soon!)
  • Ying (stay awesome with Adrian ;)
My dearest :) --> Mei Ling (what more can I say? you've been there for me through good times and bad times - except for that time I got drunk, hahaha. Anyways, thank you so much :*)

My peeps (this is gonna be a long list):
  • Robin Wong
  • Hui Ting
  • Solomon Oon
  • Keng Mun
  • Tommy Yip
  • Grace Ng
  • Doris Chien
  • Hon Kuin & gf
  • Marcus Tan (good in PR!)
  • Angela Chau
  • Chong Chen Ting
  • Carolyn Lim
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • 540
  • Kanagarajah
  • Hilant Mao
  • Jcy Koh
  • Xiao Xiao
  • Bryan Siew
  • Dephenie Loh
  • Irene Ong
  • Jack Chui
  • Francis Hong
  • Michelle Kirsten Tai
  • Daniel Tan
  • Zheen Mun
  • Cheryl Foo
  • Shu Huang
  • Shino Lee
  • Wei Mei
  • Samuel Siew
  • Hui Yen
  • Magdelene Goh
  • Valen Lim
  • Yi Chi
  • Nazri
  • Sia Chee Sin
  • Jesmine Ng
  • Wendy Lim
  • Amy Chong
  • Eng Hsiang
  • Jennifer Asha
  • Yee San (we share the same birth date :)
  • Vincent Teh (yes, we have the same first and surname :)
  • Elaine Choon (awesome personnel)
  • Mrs Lai
  • Sook Ling (call me, I'd be glad to be a small ant photographer on your ROM :)
  • Kent Liaw (Sook Ling's CEO or ma-chai, lol)
  • Raja Ina
  • Johnny Lim
  • Brian Kwan
  • Catherine Chiang
  • Laura Siau
  • Samuel Lai
  • Alex Foo
  • Regine Leong
  • Sharveshvaran
  • Xiu Yin
  • Joelle Leong
  • Erianti
  • Mun Yee
  • Zahiyan
  • Joseph Chew
  • Andrew Yee
  • Justin Teoh
  • Eugene Lee
  • Elaine Lee
  • Yee Jing
  • Hooi Min
  • Chen Fei
  • Wei Lynn
  • May Szin
  • Yen Ting
  • Florence Hong
  • Li Wan
  • Juliana Ooi
  • Yvonne Ong
  • Dominic Chin
  • Farhana
  • Farah
  • Andre Lynnette
  • Way Chuan (awesome photographer)
  • Ghosthony Bryan
  • Eunise Wong
  • Andrew Ho
  • Kate Low
  • Yvonne Teng
  • Adrian Tan
  • Fawaz Hameed
  • Ming Ruey
  • Melvin Leow (congratulations on the birth of your baby girl!)
  • Catherine Lim
  • Pei Yan
  • Deniece Loh
  • Kok Kin
  • Ching Meau
  • Uncle Zubir
  • Krishna Rao
  • Wai Yee
  • Kelly Lim
  • Goh Han Jian
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joo Sah's Farewell Dinner

Date : 29/12/2009
Time : 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Venue : House of Buffet (opposite Low Yat Plaza)
Happening? : Everyone enjoyed their time :)

After serving Macro Kiosk Berhad for the past 6.5 years, she decided to move on with her life, venturing into different country :) I wish you all the best, Joo Sah. You've been full of help and a good friend.
The settings/ interior
The dessert
The food
The attendees
Ai Li - Joo Sah
Eng Hsiang
Choon Wai
Ah Beng Teo :p
Yours truly :)
Ai Li
Joo Sah
Present time!
All the presents/ gifts
Photo credit: Courtesy of Peh Joo Sah

Hmm... I wonder where is the group photos that we had??
Friday, January 15, 2010

Merry "belated" Christmas!

Date : 24/12/2009 - 25/12/2009
Time : 7:00pm - 12:30am
Venue : My crib laaa, where else?
Happening? : YES!! Because I got the most presents! :D
Ol' man is impatient
Us & our presents ;)
The King & Queen. Cheers!
I know I'm like 21 days late. Well, better late than never ;p

More photos (courtesy of JS) to come on Joo Sah's farewell :)
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snippets Of Kai's Wedding (II)

Date : 01/01/2010
Time : 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Venue : Some Chinese restaurant in Ipoh :p
Happening? : YES!! All because I was drunk and wasted, hahaha! :D
At Tapah R&R
Our lodging
Now, photos from the dinner :)
Must be a very intense conversation
Stage backdrop
Ready to "shoot" the couple!
Happily married :)
The band that night - Mangroove Band
The siao gang. Always the first to heat up the occasion :)
First serving of the night at the main table
The yum-seng session that does not have a time
Pop the champagne
Toasting session
With Wendy, again :)
Some funny faces that you can see that night :)
This boy gets my vote for the night!
Let's get it grooving!
The couple & the band
This was how I ended my night - WASTED =.=
I was lucky not to suffer any hang over the next day XD