Saturday, November 29, 2008

Makan-Makan @ Setapak Prawn Mee

I brought Mei Ling for lunch and decided on to try the prawn mee that was once "claimed" the best in town - Setapak Prawn Mee. It's only my second time here. Couldn't remember when was the first. Many years ago...??
The stall
Additional dishes
I'm sure the pork will R.I.P...
... And no, I do not wanna eat "something" alive!!
My Pork RIBS Prawn Mee
Mei Ling ordered the plain prawn mee, without additional dishes.

The bill came up to RM16.50, including 3 glasses of herbal tea. Here's the breakdown:
Prawn Mee + Pork Ribs = RM6.00
Prawn Mee = RM6.00
Drinks = RM1.50 x 3

Anyways, I don't find it as good as it "claimed" to be. It tasted like just another prawn me that you can get anywhere. Wonder how it gets the Food Journey banner there. Just my thoughts =)

Here are the details, if you'd like to try:
Name: Setapak Prawn Mee
Address: 86-4, Jalan Pahang, 53200 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur (click here for the map)
Opening Hours: 7.00am – 5.00pm (Closed Monday)
Friday, November 28, 2008


My car is not in a good condition recently. As you all know, Perdana V6 is well-known for its whole gearbox issues. It kinda prompted to me, "It's time to change".

Dad has been asking his friends about the price of a gearbox. A re-con gearbox will cost around RM2,800 with a 6 months warranty, which I don't think it's worth the amount.

If I were to change to a new gearbox, it will cost up to RM15,000 to RM20,000. I rather use it to pay for a new car's down payment with this amount.

Sis' car is due to change as well. But due to several interest issues, she rather stick to her current ride. Perhaps she has her own thinking and plans.

Anyways, we're looking at a few possible replacements. We'll see how it goes later =)

This weekend, I'll be going around to check on the prices for a new car and my car's trade-in value. I hope it's worth the amount I have in mind. Hopefully it's negotiable too.
Monday, November 24, 2008

Makan-Makan @ Nong & Jimmy

Last Saturday, dad wanted to have crab for dinner after his golf. So, I suggested him to go to Nong & Jimmy, an authentic Thai restaurant, located in Ampang. Unique name =) I was thinking... Perhaps the wife is a Thai and the husband is a local, maybe I'm right!! Hohoho...

Anyways, here are some photos:
Here are the dishes that we ordered:
Fried Dough Fritters (served with pandan kaya)
Fried Rice
Kai Lan with salted fish
Glass Noodles Kerabu (Sourish! Yum!)
Tom Yam Soup (Love the taste!)
Grilled Fish
Black Pepper Crab (Awesome!)
The bill came up to RM135 for 4 person. I always think that the price is reasonable, considering the methods of cooking and the satisfaction I gained after that =)

So, here are the details for you, who wants to satisfy your taste buds:
Address: Lot 27363 Jalan Cahaya 1, Taman Cahaya, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (click here for the map)
Contact: 019-261 1345, 012-273 8069
Opening Hours: 6pm to 11pm (Closed on Monday)
Budget: RM20-RM40 per person
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Futsal Week

This week is particularly exciting. It's being filled with nothing but futsal games =D
  • Monday - Completed
  • Wednesday - Completed
  • Friday - Bye
  • Sunday - Completed
What more can I ask for? =)

Seriously. When the season is dry, there won't be any games for the next 1-2 weeks. Once there's a game, it keeps flooding in.

I feel like on top of the world!!

p/s: Last update on 24/11/2008.
Monday, November 17, 2008

Uncivilized Act of Humanity

The title says it all.

A neighbour of mine (an old man) threw a pile of cat dung on mom's plant. Fine. What's worse, he didn't throw it on the soil, he threw it ON the plant!! FUCK!!

Just because the back lane cats prefers to shit on his plants, he "generously" shared that pile of dung with us.

Here are the stuff that he did to us and other neighbours:
  1. He cracked our balcony's basin twice and he refused to admit mistake at both times.
  2. And look at what he did in between his balcony and ours (below). Yeap, he just had to do something. Setting up the stupid piece of shaded + tinted plank, worrying that we would peek his house. In the first place, it was HIS idea to follow ours! Now, he has to treat us this way. I still remember, before they shifted in, dad saw them and invited them into our house to have a look and get some ideas. And this is what he tried to do to us. One word - INCREDIBLE.
  3. His wife quietly plucked mom's pandan and curry leaves from our backyard WITHOUT asking for permission. How "nice" of her. Bee-tch.
  4. He drew 2 lines and planted a pole from 1 end to the other end, in front of his house, so that the neighbours will not park over to his house by crossing the LINE. HECK, his daughter even parked in front of our house and we said nothing!! Blardy old man!!
  5. Recently, I noticed that they tend to hogged up most of the parking space around our neighbourhood.
Most mornings, I'll greet him and his wife when I see them. But this time, they always look elsewhere when any of my family members are close by. Just what in the world are they trying to perform to us?? Some I-can't-see-you drama??

Such idiotic acts, only to be performed by him and his wife, who has nothing to do at home but to annoy the others. No wonder no other neighbours would like to talk to them.

Pffff... Weirdos.

Anyways, thanks to him, my life is more interesting. Everyday I'll have something to look forward to or to watch.


Makan-Makan @ Chen Chen BBQ Goose

Located in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, lies a famous BBQ goose that is so good that it landed itself in Metro, The Star on the 16/11/2008 issue.
Chen Chen BBQ Goose
Mr Chef @ work
The main servings
Side orders
I have to say that the goose meat is kinda tough. I'm not sure if that's the goose meat texture.

The total came up to RM74, which is moderate for 5 pax.

Overall, I rate it 3/5.

If you'll like to satisfy your curiosity, here are the details:
  • Chen Chen BBQ Goose
  • Address: Jalan Seladang, Off Lorong Yap Hin, Kuala Lumpur
  • Tel: 012-233 3083
  • Operating hours: 9am-6pm
  • Non-halal
Friday, November 14, 2008

This is soooo RANDOM

This is such a random post. Wait... Did I just mentioned "random"?? @_@ I've been seeing this word very often in people's blog. Probably random means meaningless post? Or just suka-suka post an entry? Hmmm...

Anyways, grands are currently in China for some Teh Association function and will only be back next week. Which prompted mom to cook dinner for us, starting tonight =D Erm... Well, it's only for the next 4-5 days?? LOL.

Boy... It's been a while she has not been cooking dinner on weekdays. I mean she does cook, but only during weekends =) Well, it's good to eat at home laaa. I'm not complaining, but anticipating on the dishes that she'll be preparing tonight! =D
Thursday, November 13, 2008

Go on, Have a look!!

This clip is hilarious!! =D


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Gonna Be Me

Nope, it's not the song by N'Sync. The thing is, no one likes to do the dirty job, right?? So, "they" turned to me and said "Hey, we can't make it. Can you?". Oh yea, I should always comply to whatever request, is it? Think again!!

You have reinforcements with you, just use them laaa. Just because of small issue, you did not pick them?? Oh, such crappy excuses I'll get. Grrrr...

And yea, please DO NOT GIVE SO MANY COMMENTS. I can't stand you nagging and all when I'm doing you guys a favor. Just shut the hell up and go along with it. Don't like it? Look for a replacement, I'd be the happiest to pass my "responsibility" down =)

Anyhow, I have respect to the other 2 person. Therefore, I'll do it in the name of RESPECT =) I always believe good deeds will be rewarded *halo* ;)

Gotta go get ready now. Outzz!
Thursday, November 6, 2008

Makan-Makan @ Sushi Groove

Yesterday, Mei Ling was craving for some sushi and I brought her to her desired sushi outlet, Sushi Zanmai, in 1 Utama. Unfortunately, the queue was rather long. So, I suggested to go to another sushi outlet. Okays, she recommended Sushi Groove.
Sushi Groove
The Inside
The Settings
I kinda like the ambiance in and it sure did feel comfy and cosy =)

Anyways, these are what we ordered:
Flying Fish Roll
I Love Unagi Roll
California Roll
Chicken Teriyaki Roll
Overall, I'd say the food is good. I'm not sure if it's comparable to Sushi Zanmai. Of the 4 dishes, I like California Roll the most =) Instead of wrapping with the sea weed, they cut it into 6 pieces, coated with fish roe - AWESOME ;9

And here's the damage:
I'm ok with the price, excluding the government tax and service charge. Look at "Ocha Hot @ RM3.90". A lil' bit too pricey for a cup of ocha, eh? Fine, we can refill and all but hey, it couldn't be THAT expensive?? Enlighten me, LOL.

Give Sushi Groove a try =) It may suit your liking.

Next up, Sushi Zanmai. Will see if it's comparable to Sushi Groove ;)

"Anyone can be PM"

Well, that's what our "beloved" PM says.

And I wanna tell him this: Ppppfffffff...

C'mon, what are the odds that there will be a non-bumi becoming the next PM?? Ok, next year onwards, Najib will take over the PM post. The following candidate supposed to be his deputy. Is he a non-bumi?? You tell me, prove me wrong =)
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 1 of Workout

Guess what?! I went swimming after work!! Holy crap!! I only managed 12 laps in 20 minutes. Kinda suck, though. I think I stopped more than I swam, LOL. But it's a good workout, in my opinion =)

Somehow, though I do not enjoy gym that much, I think it would be better for me. Yet, I doubt myself will last long in it, either ;p Anyways, I shall alternately swim and gym next week onwards, hahaha.

On the other note, I hope there's futsal tomorrow night =D

Penang [Day 2 - 02.11.2008]

So, there goes my Day 1 in Penang.

On Day 2, we woke up pretty early for breakfast in Chai Leng Park before heading to aunt's place for prayers. Here are some shots:
During the prayers, I accompanied dad to send the car for a wash. It's just located nearby aunt's place.
Then, we went back to have a quick lunch before I drove down to the Butterworth Jetty to go across to the island to pick up Mei Ling =)

Fortunately, her talk ended earlier than scheduled and her colleague offered to drop her at the petrol station nearby the jetty.

Aunt invited her over for lunch before setting off to KL. And she certainly did pack lotssss of food for us to bring back home, which mom took it to serve for dinner =)

On our way home, we stopped by in Bidor once more to have a quick bite in Pun Chun.

We reached home at approximately 7pm, due to the heavy traffic and slight drizzle along the way.

Click here for more photos on Day 2 =)
Monday, November 3, 2008

Penang [Day 1 - 01.11.2008]

First, it was Malacca. This time, I raided PENANG!! =D

Ok, I admit I wasn't that hardworking in updating my blog recently :p I was running around the Peninsular to get a taste of good food, which I've missed over the yearssss =D

Let's see... I had a yumcha session with my primary buddies at Station One Cafe along Jalan Genting Klang. Good to have Tommy, Robin, Marcus, Keng Mun and Melvin to join. To others, hope that you'll be able to join us during the next outing and P-L-E-A-S-E do let us know EARLIER if you couldn't make it =) I reached home around 1:30am and I've yet to pack that time. Plus, my sleeping time is only about 4 hours, prior to leaving, LOL.

Anyways, we (dad, mom and I) set off at about 6:30am. Oh yea, sis did not join, she gotta work ;p Within an hour, we reached Bidor town for breakfast at Pun Chun, famous for it's "wu kok". Made outta yam, with minced pork as its filling. We also had noodles to go along with it.
Pun Chun Restaurant
Wu kokDuck Noodles Soup
Dry Duck Noodles
It was a quick breakfast, as dad was rushing to Bertam for a game of golf with his Penang kaki's (-_-")

Approximately 11am, we reached Seberang Jaya to stop by at aunt's place first, but she was in Kedah, having foot massage. Then, we head on to Sunway Hotel and Bertam to drop dad there before leaving for the ISLAND!! =D

Mom and I decided to take the ferry service over to the Island to pick up Mei Ling =) She also stayed in Sunway Hotel, but in Penang Island.
Sunway Hotel, Butterworth
Everyday People
Penang Bridge
Komtar Tower
The journey from the Mainland to the Island via ferry takes about 15-20 minutes. We then headed to Sunway Hotel, Penang to pick up Mei Ling and subsequently, drove down to Penang Road for some assam laksa, cendol and char koey teow =D
After eating, went to buy some local made cookies in Him Heang (sorry, forgotten to snap a photo) and drove all the way to Bayan Lepas side to Queensbay Mall. And I've finally satisfied my curiosity on where Pulau Jerejak (formerly a prison island, now a resort) is, just right at the opposite of the mall =)
Queensbay Roundabout
Pulau Jerejak
After a stroll in Queensbay Mall, we headed back to Mainland for "lok-lok" (assorted fruits, dip into the rojak sauce) and then Bertam to pick dad up, after his game =)
Expansion on the bridge
Rojak sauce
We had shower in the hotel before leaving to aunt's house. Uncle brought us to Bukit Mertajam for seafood dinner. I have to say, the food was fantastic, tasty and great!! We ordered 12 dishes, 5 bottles of beer and a jug of buah pala drink, it only cost us RM184!! Where can you find seafood for this kinda price in KL?? =9 It was just off the hook, I tell ya =D
Look Yuen Restaurant @ Bukit Mertajam
Bro Yong, Aunt Yean, Uncle Soon (The Hosts)
The GuestsMain dishes
Around 9'ish, I sent Mei Ling back to her hotel. Bro Yong accompanied me so that I wouldn't lose my way, hahaha. Wanted to take a ferry. Unfortunately, during the night, they only operate on hourly basis. So, made a detour to the bridge to get across. Hmm... I kinda find it easy to navigate around Penang Island as there are sign boards everywhere, and the fact that most roads are one way.

That's all for Day 1. Click here for more photos on Day 1 =)

Will have Day 2 up anytime, LOL. Stay tune!